Friday, February 3, 2012

Episode 3 "O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A!"

So, yeah. We’ve been away for awhile. We think awhile is even stretching it, how about a long ass time? It’s true, we have been MIA and all quiet on the podcast front. But we’re back. And we’re excited to be here, again! We have a nice little show for you, including the long awaited Bring Your Gay To Work interview with our best gays. They were ready to kill us for keeping them from all of you for so long, but we are ready to let them, and this episode, out of the cyber closet finally!

We are going to be bringing you shows much more often this year, perhaps even an episode before summer! We kid, but we do love the fact that so many of you have remained loyal while we were dark for so long. Busy lives, busy kids, but we are ready to bring the noise and bring the funny.

Enjoy this episode, and make sure you like rate and review on iTunes. We will be relaunching with all new shows in the weeks to come, and we are more excited than ever to come and play with you. (Said like Gage from Pet Semetary fyi)

So cuddle up on the couch or set the treadmill to a low speed so you can enjoy without falling off…cuz we back.


Alice, Ashley & Keili

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