Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Episode 2 “Reacharound Chicago”

And we’re back! Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in to our inaugural episode of Not Your Mother’s Podcast! We have another episode, all teased and tarted up and ready for her debut…and we even dragged a boy into this time. Yep, good old Improv Jake braved the three of us, and sat down for an interview about the Chicago Improv scene, and even played a few games with us:) Heeheehee…

On this episode we discuss:

Master Your Metabolism Cookbook

Apple iPad

Water Bobble

And make sure you tune into the next show, which will be our Bring Your Gay to Work Day!! We have 3 of our favorite gay best friends, lined up and ready. For questions…only for questions…dirty birds.

Until next time, keep pumpin’ and blowin’.

Love and reacharounds,

Alice, Ashley & Keili

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