Monday, October 29, 2012

Episode #8 "When you're sliding into first..."

Welcome back chickens! And boy do we ever have an episode for you, we've got the lovely and talented Brittany Gibbons. (run over and check her out on Go ahead, we will wait right here...)Awhile back we attempted to have her and our very good friend  opera singer Ryan McPherson  on the same show, and it was riddled with technical difficulties. They were dirty riddles too, so it's a pity you can't hear that original episode in its entirety. The good news is we were able to salvage a few bits here and there, and Opera Ryan will be back with us again on a future episode. And we're gonna make him sing Christmas Carols...

But in this one, we've got Brittany, ghosts, our new favorite book The Siren, and Ding Ding Webster.

Alice, Ashley & Keili


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